Best of 2012 : EGC Martinique Group

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This year, Tucaya and the Isthmus of Panama had the pleasure to welcome a group of students from the EGC business school located in Martinique – a French island in the Caribbean. Even though there is a geographic proximity, the cultural exchange was a total success. It is worth to mention that during their visit to the native tribe of the Emberas, some of the students were able to find their hidden native soul during such beautiful experience.

From Panama City to La Pintada passing by the city of Colon they travelled all across the country to meet Panamanian Also they were able to follow the path of the Spaniards conquerors and their French ancestors, who started the construction of the famous Panama Canal.

On the roads in the transistmic train, the up-to-date Metrobus and infamous «diablos rojos » they could get a deep look into the colorful and seething background of Panama, a country that is experiencing a fast growth.


Best regards to Chloé Lasserre for some of the pictures!

Best of the 2011 Season: CCE Seminar

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To follow up our last article, here is our second post in the Best of the 2011 Season series. Make sure you come back next week for a new chronicle. For more information on the CCE, or Conseillers au Commerce Extérieur de la France, we invite you to check out their website. With no further ado, here is this week’s article, written by one of the seminar’s participants.

« I had the chance of participating for the first time in the CCE Central America Seminar, held during March 16-18nth in Panama City. The team from the Tucaya Agency took care of the organization and it was quite a success: from the welcome, hotel choice and different receptions, organization of the actual seminar, original outings… They prepared us a  program with much care and an everpresent smile. I was only able to enjoy Panama for three days but was left with the impression that it is a wonderful country to discover.  It is certain that I will be back, next time with more days to enjoy. I am convinced that the talent and overall cheerfulness of the Tucaya team will do the rest. Thank you all… »

Ing. Patrick Maio, MBA Managing partner

Until next week, with more memorable moments of the 2010-2011 season. See you soon!

The Best of the 2010 Season: Bocas

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The 2010-2011 season was very memorable. We will be publishing a new article each week with a few of our best moments, some of our thoughts, fond memories, pictures and surreal moments in the life of a tourism professional.

Today, we have chosen to share with you the inauguration of a very special sustainable project. For years, the San Cristobal community (and especially the indigenous women) have been developing their tourism, at first with the help of the NGOLa Route des Sens, and now with the help of Tucaya Panamá, a Panamanian Tour Operator.

The Ngabé-Buglé Indigenous tribe members are considered the ¨poor¨ cousins of Panama, due to their lack of participation in the tourism boom that so benefited their Kuna and Embera-Wouaanan brothers. However, that does not mean that they do not have a lot to share on a cultural and environmental level, which is why we have started to help them develop and promote their tours, together with the Bocas Sustainable Tourism Alliance and our individual clients and now our first group of Israelis. It was a success, with several touching moments of simple cultural exchanges.

We leave you with a few pictures of the group for your enjoyment!

Until next week, with more memorable moments of the 2010-2011 season in Panama. Regards!

TUCAYA wears green for EXPOGREEN

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Sábado 30 de Abril, Domingo 1 de Mayo

TUCAYA PANAMA, sponsor and partaker in EXPOGREEN 2011, invites you to a weekend of conferences, workshops, fashion and art… all in shades of green! See you there!

Tucaya Agency

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Based in Panama, Venezuela and Miami, Tucaya also counts with a representation bureau in France. Its multilingual team (English, French, Spanish and German) is here to meet all your expectations: ecotourism, cultural tourism, stays for groups, Personal Department Committees, Incentives…

Travelling with Tucaya, is being able to count with an agency that masters logistics. This enables you to travel and rely on us for assistance during your stay and truly discover the heart of Panama!