Sustainable Tourism

Bocas del Toro

Cacao production by the Ngobe-Bugle women’s collective of Citizens of Chocolate. Tucaya’s support: Promotion and creation of tours for the tourists in the community that focus on the cacao production. Each tourist has the opportunity to help by buying a cacao tree for sowing.

Isla Gobernadora/Veraguas

Art Lodge Sustainable Tourism Project in the Isla Gobernadora Community. Tucaya’s support: Promotion and integration of the community’s artwork in the tourism packages that are sold to our clients. Seaks financing for the development of the artwork made from recycled materials and for the development of the vanilla culture on the Island.

Kuna Yala/San Blas


Apoyo Project: The Kuna ethnicity is one of the most affected by albinism. European doctors have been touring the region for years with the hope of preventing this disease. The doctors work together with the NGO SOS ALBINOS, which was founded by mali singer Salif Keita.

The Tucaya Agency informs its clients about this disease and asks them to donate sun glasses, suns screen and related UV protection items to different health centers in the communities.